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Paddywax® Collections

Our Process

The process of making Paddywax candles is artisan in every sense, closely resembling techniques used to make candles hundreds of years ago. We use a soy wax blend to enhance the quality of the burn, and we pair our wax with creative fragrances made with essential oils. We use the finest US made soy wax, fragrance, and cotton wicks to ensure the best quality fragrance throw, burn, and overall experience. 

From fragrance throw to burn time, each custom recipe can tell a story. Our fragrance blends are developed to create a natural aroma that has the ability to enhance any occasion or transport you to a distinguished memory. This experience begins when every candle is hand-poured and packaged with love in our factory in Nashville, TN. 

The Paddywax team believes that what is truly beautiful in life lies in the details, and that is why we love what we do so much. Sit back, strike a match, and RELAX!

Our Process